Wodapalooza 2023 starts next week

Wodapalooza 2023 starts next week!  This is an exciting time whether you are watching from afar, through social media, or head out to Miami for the weekend!  It is truly a fun filled event with likeminded people and all the popular CrossFit brands new and old!  If you have never been I would highly suggest attending!

The 2023 Wodapalooza (WZA) competition will be flush with unique and diverse challenges for all of the top-tier athletes in attendance when it kicks off on Jan. 12 in Miami’s Bayfront Park.  This event is the leading fitness festival combination of community and life for a 4-day long celebration!  Wodapalooza showcases 2000 plus athletes in multiple stages of their fitness life with tens of thousands of spectators from across the world!

See Spectator Link: TYR Wodapalooza Miami 2023 Tickets at Bayfront Park in Miami by Loud And Live | Tixr

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